Functions Performed by a Security Guard in His/Her Day to Day

Undoubtedly one of the most demanded jobs in 2019 is the work of security guard, for both public and private companies these professionals are indispensable, both to offer the necessary security to their facilities, workers or customers. A professional qualified as a security guard can work in a large number of sectors, being the areas of ‚Äč‚Äčtourism and hostelry those that maintain the highest demand.
If becoming a security guard is in your plans you must take into account the amount of responsibilities, dangers and functions that they have and must carry out during their working days.
First of all they must watch that incidents do not occur in the facilities, for that reason the guards patrol the facilities without rest, although it may seem the guard is just walking thru the halls, in fact it is fulfilling a very important function.
In the event that you do not find the guard walking through the halls, it means that he or she is checking the security cameras, whose vision goes beyond their possibilities as cameras can see remote, too dark or outside places.
If a worker or client leaves at dawn, he will be accompanied by courtesy to his vehicle or cab until leaving the premises, which is a relief for most people, whether men or women.
In the event that the guard catches a thief in the premises, they may exercise his right to retain him until the corresponding authorities appear on the scene. And if a dangerous situation occurs beyond their control, it is their duty to report it directly to a higher authority that gets immediate, normal or special help.
For this reason and more reasons security guards are in high demand since in addition to the danger that their work represents they must have personal defense skills, first aid techniques and a lot of self-control.