Tips for Safely Using a Gun

Guns are dangerous. We all know that. While many people will use them to shoot targets and the like, never placing themselves in a situation where they will fire them at a living creature, we must remember that they are still weapons. Guns are designed to kill. This means that we need to make sure we are up to scratch when it comes to safety. These tips for safely using a gun may be ‘basic’ and should be common sense, you will be surprised at how many people will forget them.
Always treat the gun as if it is loaded
When you have a gun, assume that it is always loaded. If there is no magazine in it, and you are 100% sure that the chamber is empty, you should still assume that it is loaded. So many accidents have occurred because people forget this one key point. This means never pointing a gun at anybody unless you intend to use it on them (i.e. in self-defense). If on a range, always keep the gun pointed down the range, don’t point it to the side to reload it or anything like that. Always ensure that guns are not kept out on ‘display’. They can get picked up by children.
Keep your finger off the trigger
The only reason your finger should ever be near the trigger when using a gun is if you intend to fire it. Even if the safety is on, there is a chance that it can fail, and if your finger is on the trigger then this could cause an accident.
When handing a gun to somebody, it should be unloaded
Never hand somebody a gun that is loaded with ammunition under any circumstances. There is the risk of accidental discharge.
Know what is in front of you
If you are firing downrange, then know what is in front of you at all times. It should only ever be the target, but if you lose sight of somebody close to you and are unsure as to where they went, assume that they are now downrange and do not fire until you can locate them. Sure, it can be a hassle, but it can save lives.
Use only proper ammunition in your gun
Only use authentic ammunition in your gun. Do not use cheap imported ammunition. Do not use handmade ammunition. Do not try to make something fit that wouldn’t normally fit. The only ammo that should ever go in your gun should be purchased legally, and it should be the exact caliber you need. Anything else, and you will be running the risk of jams, and in some case explosions and death (this is not an exaggeration, it has been known to happen)
Protect yourself
Finally; make sure that you are well-protected. This means ear protectors and glasses. You may not necessarily look ‘cool’ while you are wearing them, but at least you are going to be safe.
If you are following these tips, then not only will be using a gun be a whole lot safer, but you will probably have a lot more fun too. After all, fearing for your life and the life of others is probably never at the top of anybody’s list of ‘things to do’.