Top Ten Things You Need to Know about Dental Implants

What are dental implants? A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth placed in the jaw bone to act as a replacement denture, tooth, or bridge. These implants are a viable option for people who have lost at least 1 tooth from an injury, decay, periodontal disease, failed root canal, or root resorption. They are also an alternative to dentures.


What are the perks of a dental implant over dentures? Dentures give a solid new tooth that won’t move around as you eat or talk, unlike improperly fitting dentures.

Are dental implants safe? Dental implant surgery is considered one of the safest procedures in dentistry. It is also the only known restoration method that stimulates natural bone under the missing tooth. Dental implants are made of strong titanium alloy, surgically inserted in the jaw bone. Titanium is a safe biocompatible material. Natural bone locks the Titanium implant down, This is done by the bone growing around the implant, therefore fusing it into place.

Who is a suitable candidate for dental implants? An adult with their jaw fully developed and in good health to undergo surgery can be a candidate for a dental implant. Adequate bone in the jaw is crucial to support the implant. If in any case, you have missing teeth for many years with the bone resorbed, you may first need bone grafting or augmentation prior to the implant procedure. Ideal candidates have healthy gum tissues. Medical conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, or smoking need to be addressed before the treatment. Are dental implants safe?

How long will the process take? Once the implant is integrated with the bone (which can possibly take up to 6 months), a tooth matching your natural teeth is attached.

Are dental implants expensive? Initially, it may seem that dental implants are very costly as compared to regular dentures. However, if maintained properly, dental implants will last a lifetime, thus making the implants a more wise investment option.

There are more questions to ask on where to do your dental implants or what are the best dental implants? But these will be answered in another article.